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Our composting service is easy! We deliver your Soilmate bin and starter kit, you fill your bin with food scraps and other compostables, we pick it up and turn it into nutrient-rich compost, and we make new life together!

How it works

Composting with Soilmate is easy as pie! And you get compost back twice a year!

Pick-up Frequency: weekly ($28/mo) or biweekly ($19/mo) pick-up.

Pick-up Days:
Monday-Friday (we'll assign a pick a day after your sign up).

Start Composting

Our Promise

100% Clean Bin Guarantee

We know compost can get messy. Let us do the dirty work! We will replace your bin for free if it ever gets dirty or smelly.

Convenient Online Scheduling

On-time, reliable pick-ups with live notifications and freedom to pause or cancel anytime via our customer portal!

Generating Life (Not Waste)

Food scraps make 24% of solid waste in landfills and produce greenhouse gases equal to 37 million cars. Composting redirects food waste to the soil!

Know Your Positive Impact

We track how much food waste you have personally redirected from landfills. Make your mark by composting with us!

Our Service Areas

We are working on expanding our service areas! If we don't yet service your neighborhood, please let us know by clicking here.

Our composting service covers all of Miami-Dade and Homestead
What to compost? Everything that once came from the Earth can be returned to the soil. Including fruits and vegetables, houseplants, yard trimmings, coffee, tea, nut shells, eggshells, paper napkins, paper scraps and cardboard

Over 50% of trash is compostable

Every bin of food waste that we redirect from landfills reduces methane emissions, limits the need for chemical fertilizers, saves water and generates new life.

Frequently Asked Questions

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