Our Service Areas

We are working on expanding our service areas! If we don't yet service your neighborhood, please let us know by clicking here.

Our composting service covers all of Miami-Dade and Homestead
Our composting service is easy! We deliver your Soilmate bin and starter kit, you fill your bin with food scraps and other compostables, we pick it up and turn it into nutrient-rich compost, and we make new life together!

You fill your bin, we change the world

  1. We deliver your Soilmate Starter Kit
  2. You fill your bin with food scraps
  3. We pick up and turn it into nutrient-filled compost to generate new life

& you get compost back twice a year!
or we'll donate it to local farms and gardens.

Add-on: Countertop bin

Our most convenient option to collect food scraps while you cook.